A Good Evening in St Neots

On Wednesday 17 September I spoke and gave a reading at St Neots LIbrary.  I spoke after the AGM of the Friends of the Library, who are doing a fantastic job raising money and putting on events in support of the excellent library in that small community.  Like all libraries it is going though difficult financial times, but the enthusiasm of the Friends and their determination to keep it alive and well was obvious and encouraging. I spoke about the process of writing, and gave a reading from A Matter for the Jury.  Afterwards, I signed quite a number of all four of my novels for puchasers and the library.  The evening held another pleasure, as Glenys, a friend from a long time ago (the Ben Schroeder era, the mid-60’s, in fact!) attended with her husband, David.  It was great to see her again and to meet David. Thanks to Dot for organising the event, Martin for hosting it on behalf of the library, and Joan for acting as my driver for the evening.  I hope you will invite me back some time.  Thanks also to my publishers, No Exit Press, for arranging for the books to be there.


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