Another Great Evening at Heffers!

The folks at Heffers in Cambridge certainly know how to throw a party, and they did it again on the evening of Thursday 6 July.  This was the summer Whats your Poison? event, which brings together a number of authors to read from and talk about their work, and sign books for those who buy them.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to this event several times, and have always found it enormous fun and hugely rewarding.  This year, each of the fourteen authors present was asked to read, and I must blow a collective trumpet for all of us.  In the interests of time, we were limited to three minutes each, to introduce ourselves and read.  It was quite a challenge, but every one of the fourteen of us kept to the allotted time!  Catherine, filling in for Kate, who couldn’t be with us this time, didn’t have to blow her whistle once – and believe me, she had a loud whistle ready and was perfectly prepared to use it!  I don’t recall any similar occasion on which speakers have been so disciplined, and indeed I do recall various occasions during my legal career, when lawyers were utterly unable to keep to their allotted times!  So I think we did well.  Both before and after the readings, those present were able to talk to the authors and buy books, while enjoying a glass or two of wine. Judging from the reaction of the goodly crowd that attended, they thoroughly enjoyed the evening, as did the authors.  Congratulations to Richard, Kate and Catherine on yet another great party, and thank you for inviting me!


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