Forthcoming Event, ‘What’s your Poison?’

If you live within striking distance of Cambridge, put the date of 17 July in your diary!  Heffers Book Shop is holding a fun crime novel event called ‘What’s your Poison?’.  It is essentially a Summer crime party with a number of authors present to answer questions about their books, and hopefully sign a few.  I have been invited to be one of those authors and I would very much like to see some of my readers and potential readers there.  The party runs between 6.30 and 8.30 p.m. and is organised by Heffers’ Head of Crime Fiction and Literature, Richard Reynolds.  Heffers is situated at 20 Trinity Street in Cambridge City Centre.

I am hoping that A Matter for the Jury, the next in my Ben Schroeder series, will be available in time for this event!  Ben, a young defence barrister, is involved in one of the last capital murder trials to be held in England.


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    • Terence Duley on July 16, 2014 at 10:11 pm
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    Hello Peter,

    Amazon did, as they promised, ship ‘A Matter for the Jury’ on the 14th July which I received on he 15th. Having survived the horrible details of Chapter 2, I wonder how Court staff themselves can deal with such material. Do they become ‘battle hardened’ and hence less sensitive? I hope not. Hope to meet again on the 17th. TD

    1. Dear Terry, Since you sent your e-mail we did indeed meet at Heffers on the 17th, and a good occasion it was. You raise a good question about the court staff. Although anyone involved with the court system gets used to hearing horrific evidence, and so does develop a certain detachment, no one can remain altogther unaffected by it. It is important to take time off and have a life outside the courtroom. I remember at a previous court doing almost nothing else but historic sex cases for almost two years, and it was a huge relief to move on to something else. I hope you enjoy the rest of ‘A Matter for the Jury.’ Thank you so much for the book you gave me. I am going to study it with interest and it may well lead to an interesting murder in a forthcoming book! All best wishes,


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