Launch Party for ‘One Law for the Rest of Us’

Together with No Exit Press, I am delighted to announce the launch party for the next book in the Ben Schroeder series, One Law for the Rest of Us.  The launch will be held at Heffers Book Store, Trinity Street, Cambridge, on Tuesday 4 December, 6.30 to 8.30 pm.  I hope my readers who live with striking distance of Cambridge will come and join in the celebration.  Heffers is always a great venue and the refreshments promise to be excellent.  I am pleased that One Law is finally ready to make its appearance.   Reviewer Paul Magrath calls it a ‘knife-edged courtroom drama’.   It is certainly a story full of legal drama and skulduggery.  But it’s been the most difficult of all my books to write.  It’s a dark tale of child sexual abuse over two generations, and the efforts of certain people in high places to cover that abuse up.  Readers should be aware that it contains some graphic sexual scenes and some very bad language.  I make no apology for this; indeed, the subject demands it; my editor and I agree that it is not out of place.  Nonetheless, I think it is only fair to warn my readers that it’s rather different in tone from the earlier books in the series.  That being said, I hope you will welcome and appreciate  this exploration of a disturbing phenomenon all too prevalent across the world, including the UK.  I look forward to seeing you and autographing your copy at Heffers.  There is no charge to attend, but please sign up on the Heffers events page so that they have an idea how many people are coming:  Oh, and Heffers looks a bit different now from the image below, but it’s one I really like!

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