Owain Glyndwr Hot off the Press at Heffers!

Huge thanks to everyone at No Exit Press for their hard work in making The Heirs of Owain Glyndwr available in time for the Heffers  What’s your Poison? summer crime festival.  The event at Heffers book shop in Cambridge on Thursday 14 July was, as ever, a huge success, with numerous authors assembled to talk about their books and sign copies.  There was a good attendance on a fine summer evening of people out to to enjoy books and drinks, including a number of familiar faces of Ben Schroeder fans.  Aided by the presence of some book fans of Welsh ancestry, and I suspect, the recent enthusiasm for Wales generated by the magnificent efforts of the Welsh football team in France,  it did a brisk trade.  Owain Glyndwr is the fourth in the Ben Schroeder series, but I’m pleased to say that there was also continuing enthusiasm for the earlier books, all of which sold some copies too.  Get your copy now!  Thanks to Richard Reynolds and Kate Fleet at Heffers for their assured planning and organisation of another great evening, and to my publisher, Ion Mills of No Exit Press, for bringing my copy of OG personally for the occasion – I saw the book in print for the first time myself when I arrived in Cambridge – and for treating me to a fine summer salad to boot!  Ion, you are a star!



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    • Andrew Bish on August 3, 2016 at 8:15 am
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    I am really looking forward to catching up on Ben Schroeder’s latest deeds in The Heirs to Owain Glyndir.

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