CRITICAL ACCLAIM for Judge Walden: Back in Session

The forensic process is examined in a light touch, good-humoured style, which will evoke a constant stream of smiles, and chuckles from nonlawyers and lawyers alike- Igor Judge, Lord Judge, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
Although the tales are told with a comic light touch, there are critical contemporary issues at play – not least the existential threat to justice from the bureaucratic prophets of 'efficiency' and 'taxpayer value'- ICLR [read the full review]
Charles is a marvellous character who throughout demonstrates a very grown-up worldliness in having to cope with the antics of those with a far narrower perspective- David Wurtzel, Counsel Magazine [read the full review]


I really enjoyed this book. Judge Walden is a sympathetically portrayed character who recounts fascinating tales of interesting cases at Bermondsey Crown Court. The Judge has a way with words and is an accomplished story teller and the five short stories are full of gentle wit and humour as well as demonsrating a deep knowledge of the law. Very entertaining and highly recommended.

- Greville Waterman, NetGalley Read More
Having read the previous book of the exploits of the Judge and the characters before and on the bench at Bermondsey Crown Court, I was delighted to be able to met them again and enjoy the tales of trials and the machinations that go on behind the scenes and in the corridors of the law and politic. If you miss Rumpole and "she who must be obeyed" then do not worry, Judge Walden and the Reverend Mrs Walden are here to keep you entertained. 
- Tina Foster, NetGalley Read More
I would recommend it to anyone who likes court room fun.
- Leyla Johnson, NetGalley Read More
A warmly enjoyable light read.
- Gavin Roebuck, NetGalley Read More
Judge Walden drew me he is an entertaining character real emotional.His world Criminal courts system is eye opening look at the people whether defendants victims or other judges.Perfect for Rumpole fans. #netgalley#judgewalden
- Rhonda Lomazow , Netgalley Read More
A very entertaining and enjoyable book. It was really interesting to read how the the Criminal courts system works. The case and the characters were very interesting.
- Netgalley Read More
No one writes with more wit, warmth and insight about the law and its practitioners than Peter Murphy
- Hayley Best, Netgalley Read More
The characters are so well drawn; the dialogue sparkles and the cases themselves, though imagined, have enough truth about them to be really interesting
- Live and Deadly Read More

Great stories that show the highs and lows of the legal system with humorous undertones and stories to capture the imagination

- Vonnibee Read More

Very refreshing light-hearted fun and want to read more

- Steph's Book Blog Read More

I was pleasantly surprised with Peter Murphy's engaging and entertaining book, the descriptions of both the characters and the proceedings at court are wonderful and you almost feel you're part of the process

- Bits About Books Read More

I held on to every word... So looking forward to more of this series

- Books From Dusk Till Dawn Read More
Certainly entertaining, this would be a perfect book to read on the beach 
- The Crime Novel Reader Read More
A light read that flows really well. I would love to see this made as a series, it is highly entertaining
- Donna's Book Blog Read More
Walden's character is compassionate, yet keen to uphold the integrity of the justice system, and this makes him likeable and easy to connect with throughout the book
- Portable Magic Read More
Charlie is an engaging character, an old-fashioned, moral judge with a wry humour, whose encounters, in court and out, prove highly entertaining
- The Literary Shed Read More
I'd recommend this one for anyone who loves a good crime thriller but is perhaps in need of a palette cleanse from all the blood, guts, and gore
- Emma The Little Bookworm Read More

Things are never too grizzly and the exploration of all issues, from members of the jury to the nature of how the courts work and the kind of thought that goes into it all, is front-and-center

- Netgalley Read More
'A great selection of stories which can be read altogether as a novel or picked up and put down again almost like a set of self contained short stories'
- Goodreads Read More

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for Walden of Bermondsey

No one writes with more wit, warmth and insight about the law and its practitioners than Peter Murphy. He has no equal since the great John 'Rumpole' Mortimer

- David Ambrose [read the full review]

Though his exasperation is sometimes palpable, what triumphs over everything is his sense of humour. And it is the humour that makes Walden of Bermondsey such a delightful read. Think of him as what Rumpole would be like if he ever became a judge, and you get some idea of his self-deprecating wit and indomitable stoicism. Add a dash of Henry Cecil for his situation and AP Herbert for the fun he has with the law, and you get a sense of his literary precedents.

- Paul Magrath [read the full review]

Warm, witty and endearingly entertaining, fans of Rumpole of the Bailey will relish this romp through the trials and tribulations of a Bermondsey based Resident Judge.- Joanne Owen, LoveReading [read the full review]
Written robustly but with humanity- David Wurtzel, Counsel [read the full review]

One of the most entertaining, witty, funny books I've read in a very long time- Richard Snowdon

Wickedly addictive read

- Yvonne Bastian [read the full review]


Murphy is definitely an author I would recommend to readers who like Robert Thorogood or G.K. Chesterton.
- Cheryl , Cheryl M-M's BookBlog Read More
The light-hearted and intelligent tone of these stories makes WALDEN OF BERMONDSEY a satisfying read for any mystery lover, but it’s particularly perfect for those who want a quick read with a sense of humour or for those who want a cozy mystery.
- Leanna, The Crime Review Read More
This is such a breath of fresh air. Not only does it involve some court action, which I thoroughly enjoy but Charlie and his colleagues are a cast of incredibly fun characters
- Eva , Novel Deelights Read More
I wanted to know what the verdict would be and this kept me hooked to the very end!
- Kate, Portable Magic Read More
This is going to make quite a cracking little series.
- Susan Hampson, Books From Dusk Till Dawn Read More
I hope to see more of these characters very soon. I really enjoyed this collection of stories
- Susan Hampson, Books From Dusk Till Dawn Read More
Walden of Bermondsey is both informative and humorous with an interesting narrative.I was happily entertained
- Karen Dennis, My Reading Corner Read More
an amusing account of some of the more interesting cases which cross [Walden’s] bench, as well as other matters which threaten the smooth running of the administration of justice
- Chris Roberts, The Crime Review Read More

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for Calling Down the Storm

I enjoyed this book - the twists and turns in the plot were really good, and the story was well put together. I would definitely choose another book by this author.- Julie Hosford, Netgalley [read the full review]
In the pages of this novel, notorious historical figures like Lord Lucan rub shoulders with the complex characters of Murphy’s fictional legal world: the clients and lawyers, the police and expert witnesses, and above all of them, the judge. There is time, too, to discuss the subtleties of psychology and the ethics of legal privilege, in a story in which the patient workings of justice compete with the gathering storm of a bloody tragedy. - Paul Magrath, Barrister [read the full review]

What an interesting idea for a plot – this blurb had me hooked from the second I saw the press release! How great that the judge in a murder trial is almost as criminal as those he presides over in his courtroom!?- Emma The Little Book Worm [read the full review]
The writing is competent and confident. - Gill Chedgey , [read the full review]


Utterly compelling, fascinating, surprising and downright wonderful.
- Joan Alston, Read More
Wow I have actually been blown away by Calling Down the Storm. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and there was enough conclusion at the end to satisfy the case, with just a hint of 'what happened next?'
- thepageturnersbookblog Read More
Calling Down The Storm is a steady and intriguing read. The author certainly knows how to captivate his audience and would certainly recommend that readers give it a go
- Sarah Hardy, By the Letter Book Reviews Read More
I loved the flow of the narrative and how one chapter just lead to another…..A good old fashioned legal thriller that we don’t see enough of nowadays! I was sucked into the drama until the final verdict.
- Jo Robertson, MyChestnut Reading Tree Read More
I was in heaven with this book, if I could have given it more stars I would. What a brilliant courtroom drama
- Cheryl Bellingham, NetGalley Read More
Exceedingly engaging police procedural that turns into much more than that: what looks like cut and dried crime turns out far more complicated. The story unravels into. complexity after it seems a man has killed his wife, fighting over custody. But we learn more about her character and back ground and shady figures emerge. In court, it becomes apparent much was going on .. figures in the courtroom at highest level seem implicated. Great shocking ending with twists and turns years later .. really much more than immediately expected by plain straightforward, adept strong writing; good value
- Leslie Gardner, NetGalley Read More

I loved the flow of the narrative and how one chapter just lead to another…..A good old fashioned legal thriller that we don’t see enough of nowadays! I was sucked into the drama until the final verdict.

- Jo Robertson, MyChestnut Reading Tree Read More

I received this book free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Written by Peter Murphy and published by No Exit Press in 2017, this starts out looking like a traditional British police procedural, but that changes quickly. The story begins with the stabbing, in the middle of the day and on a public street, of an estranged wife by her husband. It then quickly morphs into a description of the private life of a barrister who wears silk (Queen’s Counsel — QC), and who develops a serious gambling problem before becoming a judge who will eventually preside in the trial of the accused husband. A third minor thread deals with the barristers who will handle both sides of the murder case.

The setting is London in 1971. The author goes into a great amount of detail regarding the gambling habits and sex life of the QC who later becomes a judge, and the story’s dialogues are accurate depictions of the way lawyers speak — especially in courtrooms. English speakers who reside in any one of the countries that share the British legal system will probably have no trouble following the story line, but Americans might not find it so easy. Barristers and solicitors might be unfamiliar to Americans, but not to anybody acquainted with the British legal system. This isn’t the place for a lesson on the subject, but a simplistic explanation for Americans might be that barristers are akin to trial lawyers in the United States, and solicitors are like lawyers who practice law and deal with clients, but do not present cases in courtrooms. The role of barristers in the UK has changed, and this is probably why the author set the book in 1971.

Mr. Murphy did his research well. The gambling game that gets the judge into trouble (Chemin de Fer) is presented accurately, as is the real Clermont Club where the gambling takes place. There really is a Clermont Club in London, and the author actually visited it while writing the book. There really is a game called Chemin de Fer, and it is the forerunner of the game we now call Baccarat. The dialogue and events described in the book are very detailed and realistic.

The three major plot lines come together seamlessly before the end of the book, and the author is careful to tie up loose ends. The ending will come as a surprise to many. It did to me. On the negative side, there was a bit too much unnecessary detail that could certainly have been omitted without detracting from the story. Some of the dialog is repetitious. Some of the details of the judge’s sexcapades could have been omitted without seriously detracting from the story. All in all, however, I very much enjoyed the book and would recommend to anybody who might like a realistic British legal story with a touch of murder.

- Richard Clemmons, NetGalley Read More
The first time I can remembering a book giving me a physical jolt. A 6 star book! Peter Murphy is now definitely one of my must read author
- Roy Brocklebank, Amazon Read More
April 1971. When DI Webb and DS Raymond respond to a 999 call at Harper Mews in Bloomsbury, a horrific scene awaits them. Susan Lang is lying on the ground, bleeding to death. Her husband Henry is sitting nearby, holding a large, blood-stained knife. In shock, Henry claims to have no memory of the events that led to his wife’s death, leaving his barrister, Ben Schroeder, little with which to defend a potential murder charge.Unbeknownst to his strict Baptist wife, Deborah, Justice Rainer has a secret life as a gambler. In his desperation for money to fund his habit, he has already raided his own and Deborah’s resources, and now he has crossed another line - one from which there is no return.To his horror, as the trial of Henry Lang starts, Rainer discovers a sinister connection between the trial and his gambling debts which could cause his world to unravel. In a rare case in which the judge is in greater peril than the defendant on trial, both Lang and Rainer have called down the storm on their own heads.Their lives are on the line, and time is running out. This was a fantastic read with brilliant characters. Full of twists and plots. I had a feeling there would be a twist. But I had no idea it would be that. 5*.
- Sue Wallace, NetGalley Read More
Firstly this is book 5 in a series- I enjoyed the mix of legal and spy story set in the 1970s. A superbly atmospheric read, perhaps I would have enjoyed more by reading the earlier books, but nonetheless really entertaining, very visual in a way, I could see this as a TV drama! Well written and well paced you can't ask more from a thriller!
- Karen L-J, NetGalley Read More
Brilliant book, would recommend!
- George Ladds, NetGalley Read More
Cleverly constructed a good satisfying read.
- Wallace Leicester , NetGalley Read More
I enjoyed the plot and character development, a really good read.
- Melanie T., Read More

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for The Heirs of Owain Glyndŵr

A thought-provoking, intriguing unmasking of court room sparring and Welsh nationalism in this novel set in the 1960's.- Liz Robinson, Lovereading [read the full review]
After swapping his gavel for a pen, a former crown court judge has published the fourth book in his popular legal saga.- Sophie Day, The Hunts Post [read the full review]
All the details of barristerial life, the rules of ethics and evidence, the social attitudes and the courtroom procedure appropriate for the late 1960s period setting are pitch perfect ... the book raises very contemporary questions about the roots of radicalism, the motivations for terrorism and the conduct of the security services in combatting it.- Paul Magrath
Books to Look Forward to from No Exit Press and Oldcastle Books- Ayo Onatande [read the full review]

The story illustrates and discusses effectively questions of nationalism and national identity. It is to the author's credit that this fiction sometimes reads and feels like a dramatic re-telling of a real event

- Jim Beaman, Crime Review [read the full review]
I have always enjoyed John Grisham over many years, but your stories bring the court room really to life.- Raymond Freed [read the full review]


This book is well worth a read and well worth the 5 stars I have given.
- C. Thompson, Read More
This was the first book I have read of the Ben Schroeder series of books, I will certainly be going back to read the others
- Jo Kirk, Real Readers Read More
[The Heirs of Owain Glyndwr] gave a real insight into the Welsh attitudes towards their country and its language even today. I would recommend it.
- Jan Kirk, Real Readers Read More
I can assure readers a thrilling ride along the way as you immerse yourself in an intricate but always accessible plot.
- Ray Taylor, Real Readers Read More
The whole is a cleverly plotted, well-written novel, and I shall certainly be seeking out more of Peter Murphy’s work. Definitely recommended.
- Katheryn Thomas , Real Readers Read More
This novel is a must read for anyone who relishes a good courtroom drama. This story also has the advantage of being a mystery suspense with a wicked twist in the tale that I didn't see coming.
- Jane Gilman, Real Readers Read More

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for And Is There Honey Still For Tea?

An intelligent amalgam of spy story and legal drama

- Marcel Berlins, Times [read the full review]

a story that captures the zeitgeist of a turbulent time in British history.- Peter Murphy, Publishers Weekly [read the full review]

A gripping, enjoyable and informative read...Promoting Crime Fiction loves Peter Murphy's And is there Honey Still for Tea?

- Jo Hesslewood, Promoting Crime Fiction [read the full review]

Murphy's clever legal thriller revels in the chicanery of the English law courts of the period

- Barry Forshaw, The Independent [read the full review]

The ability of an author to create living characters is always dependent on his knowledge of what they would do and say in any given circumstances - a talent that Peter Murphy possesses in abundance...Arnold Taylor loves And Is There Honey Still for Tea?

- Arnold Taylor, Crime Review UK [read the full review]

There’s tradecraft of the John le Carre kind, but also a steely authenticity in the legal scenes... gripping

- Paul Magrath, ICLR [read the full review]
a complex story of spies and legal drama- Katherine Sunderland, BiblioManiac [read the full review]
Digby, the real protagonist, will keep you guessing until the very end.- Kirkus, Kirkus Reviews [read the full review]


I loved it. I was really riven by the confessions of Digby, how well you described his childhood, his nascent passion for chess and his formative years in Cambridge.

Your style in these pages deeply moved me. And I loved the elegant way you found to explain the title of the book. A book that one finishes with a sense of nostalgia the last page turned. Quoi ! Déjà fini ! A decisively rare kind ....So, thank you very much for "And is There Honey Still For Tea?"
- Raphaël Weissmann, Judge, Read More

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for A Matter for the Jury

In A Higher Duty Peter Murphy wrote more about the barristers themselves. Here the spotlight is on the defendants, the witnesses, the judges, and even the hangman since this is 1964 and capital murder means what it says.

- David Wurtzel, Counsel Magazine [read the full review]

gripping courtroom drama

- Paul Magrath, ICLR [read the full review]

You have ruined the Lincolnshire Poacher for me in the same way Reservoir Dogs ruined Stuck in the Middle with You

- Irene

An utterly compelling and harrowing tale of life and death

- David Ambrose [read the full review]

One of the subplots ... delivers a huge and unexpected twist towards the end of the novel, for which I was totally unprepared

- Helen Walters, Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact [read the full review]
A Matter for the Jury is a page-turner - Historical Novel Society [read the full review]

CRITICAL ACCLAIM for Test of Resolve

Peter Murphy presents us with a truly original premise and a set of intriguing characters then ramps up the pressure on them all. Test of Resolve is an aptly named, compelling read with a nail biting conclusion

- Howard Linskey
a gripping political thriller- Paul Magrath, The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting [read the full review]


I was hooked, I was invested in the characters, I wanted to see how the situation would be resolved.
- Caroles Book Corner Read More

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Racy legal thrillers lift the lid on sex and racial prejudice at the bar

- Hugh Muir, Guardian [read the full review]

If anyone's looking for the next big courtroom drama... look no further. Murphy is your man.

- Paul Magrath, The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting Blog [read the full review]

Peter Murphy’s novel is an excellent read from start to finish and highly recommended.

- Historical Novel Review [read the full review]
engrossing- Jessica Mann, Literary Review [read the full review]

An absorbing read, and one which will make you think, and consider yourself fortunate to be living in a world which has moved on.

- Lynne Patrick, Mystery People [read the full review]

This beautifully written book had me captivated from start to finish

- Old Dogs, New Tricks [read the full review]

A gripping page-turner. A compelling and disturbing tale of English law courts, lawyers, and their clients, told with the authenticity that only an insider like Murphy can deliver. The best read I've come across in a long time."

- David Ambrose


 I couldn’t wait to read the end of this book

- Eventfulfire, Read More

an absorbing insight into the world of Barristers, Lawyers, the Law and the games they play

- C. Colbert, Read More

so well written and so intriguing that I could not put it down

- Joan Alston, Read More

an insight into how the legal system and the world of judges, lawyers and solicitors operated in the 1960's

- poppyash, Waterstones Read More
a very easy read and at times I had to force myself to put it down
- M Taylor, Read More

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Weighty and impressive

- Barry Forshaw, Crime Time [read the full review]

Removal is a compelling story of power and intrigue at the highest levels. A political thriller that knows its way around the corridors of power and exposes the secrets behind the headlines, it is as convincing as it is frightening. An unputdownable read.

- David Ambrose, novelist, playwright

A brilliant thriller by a striking new talent. Murphy cracks open the US Constitution like a walnut. This is Seven Days in May for the 21st Century.

- Clem Chambers, author of the Jim Evans thriller series

Peter Murphy's debut Removal introduces an exciting talent in the thriller genre. Murphy skilfully builds tension in sharp prose. When murder threatens the security of the most powerful nation in the world, the stakes are high!

- Leigh Russell, author of the Geraldine Steel mystery series


one of the best books I have read in years

- Joan Alston, Read More

Peter Murphy has a real winner here

- Barbara Sepenuk, Read More

The action and characters developed beautifully.

- Nancy Hollander, Read More

It hooked me from the prologue and I have had a hard time putting it down.

- Mark C. Yungbluth, Read More

Move over John Grisham and Scott Turow. Murphy has written a law based page-turner that will rivet you until the end. Five stars!

- RLD, Read More


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