Test of Resolve

Test of Resolve by Peter Murphy

A denounced President, her kidnapped daughter, a Hindu extremist group and the threat of nuclear war: America is once again thrown into turmoil in Peter Murphy’s sequel to Removal

As Ellen Trevathan settles into her presidency, she feels confident to come out as a lesbian to the press, an announcement that unleashes a storm of criticism against her authority. Her personal life becomes increasingly unstable when her daughter, Dani, is kidnapped by a Hindu extremist group, Svatantra Kashmir (SK). Director of the FBI, Kelly Smith, is called in to investigate and is soon immersed in a situation with far wider implications.

Under pressure to comply with orders made by SK, Ellen has to tackle the threat of nuclear war between India and Pakistan and ensure the safety of her daughter. As the crisis escalates, public duty and personal concerns are thrown into conflict. The severity of the situation demands that one has to be sacrificed, and only Ellen can choose…

No Exit Press

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Test of Resolve is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Publisher: No Exit Press

Publication Date: 21st February 2014

PB ISBN: 978-1-84344-188-5

Format: B (198 X 129mm)

Extent: 352pp

Price: £7.99


ePub ISBN: 978-1-84344-189-2

kindle ISBN: 978-1-84344-190-8

Critical Acclaim for Test of Resolve

Peter Murphy presents us with a truly original premise and a set of intriguing characters then ramps up the pressure on them all. Test of Resolve is an aptly named, compelling read with a nail biting conclusion

- Howard Linskey
a gripping political thriller- Paul Magrath, The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting [read the full review]

Reader Reviews for Test of Resolve

I was hooked, I was invested in the characters, I wanted to see how the situation would be resolved. - Caroles Book Corner Read More


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