And Is There Honey Still For Tea?

The Third Ben Schroeder Novel

1965. The British Establishment is reeling after a series of defections and acts of treachery by high- ranking intelligence officers. When Francis Hollander, an American academic, accuses Sir James Digby QC, a baronet and leader of the Bar, of being a Soviet spy, Digby retains Ben Schroeder and his head of Chambers to represent him. At first, it seems to be a simple case of libel, but as evidence starts to emerge of Digby’s association with the Cambridge spies, and as MI6 becomes involved, Ben can no longer be sure that he can save Digby from prosecution and ruin. To obtain vital evidence, Ben will have to put his career at risk. But will it be enough?

No Exit Press

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And Is There Honey Still For Tea? will shortly be available in paperback and ebook formats

Publisher: No Exit Press

Publication Date: 23rd April 2015

PB ISBN: 978-1-84344-401-5

Format: B (198 X 129mm)

Extent: 352pp

Price: £8.99


ePub ISBN: 978-1-84344-402-2

kindle ISBN: 978-1-84344-403-9