A Higher Duty

A Higher Duty by Peter Murphy

A compelling and disturbing tale of law courts, lawyers and their clients set in sixties London

Early 1960s London.Four barristers in two fiercely competitive chambers represent the opposing sides of a bitter divorce.

Intrigue, hypocrisy, blackmail and long concealed murder result in a deadly game of double bluff.

As innocent lives become entangled, nothing is sacred – not even justice.

No Exit Press

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A Higher Duty is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Publisher: No Exit Press

Publication Date: 21st February 2013

PB ISBN: 978-1-84243-668-4

Format: B (198 X 129mm)

Extent: 352pp

Price: £7.99


Kindle ISBN: 978-1-84243-669-1
ePub ISBN: 978-1-84243-670-7

Critical Acclaim for A Higher Duty

Racy legal thrillers lift the lid on sex and racial prejudice at the bar

- Hugh Muir, Guardian [read the full review]

If anyone's looking for the next big courtroom drama... look no further. Murphy is your man.

- Paul Magrath, The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting Blog [read the full review]

Peter Murphy’s novel is an excellent read from start to finish and highly recommended.

- Historical Novel Review [read the full review]
engrossing- Jessica Mann, Literary Review [read the full review]

An absorbing read, and one which will make you think, and consider yourself fortunate to be living in a world which has moved on.

- Lynne Patrick, Mystery People [read the full review]

This beautifully written book had me captivated from start to finish

- Old Dogs, New Tricks [read the full review]

A gripping page-turner. A compelling and disturbing tale of English law courts, lawyers, and their clients, told with the authenticity that only an insider like Murphy can deliver. The best read I've come across in a long time."

- David Ambrose

Reader Reviews for A Higher Duty

 I couldn’t wait to read the end of this book - Eventfulfire, amazon.co.uk Read More

an absorbing insight into the world of Barristers, Lawyers, the Law and the games they play - C. Colbert, amazon.co.uk Read More

so well written and so intriguing that I could not put it down - Joan Alston, amazon.co.uk Read More

an insight into how the legal system and the world of judges, lawyers and solicitors operated in the 1960's - poppyash, Waterstones Read More

a very easy read and at times I had to force myself to put it down - M Taylor, amazon.co.uk Read More


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