Walden of Bermondsey off to a Great Start at Middle Temple!

Walden of Bermondsey was given a great launch in the elegant and historic surroundings of the Queen’s Room at Middle Temple on the evening of 5 December.  Undeterred by the weather a good crowd of friends, some of them judges, gathered for wine, canapés and an autographed copy of the book.  A number came armed with their Christmas shopping lists and bought additional copies as gifts.  It felt as though I spent most of the evening signing books, but I know I also gave a reading from Where there’s Smoke, the first story in the book, and formally announced the agreement with Alistair Maclean-Clark to acquire the option for the TV and film rights for this book, and Judge Walden: Back in Session, which is to be published in May or June next year: see previous post.  I was delighted that Alistair was present with his wife, Rosaria.  My agent Guy Rose, who brought Alistair and me together, was also there with his wife, Alexandra.  Thanks to the staff at Middle Temple, who were superb as ever, and to Ion, Claire, Clare, Frances and Tasha from No Exit Press, who organised and ran the event with their usual efficiency and charm.  And, of course, to all who attended.  Pictures follow.  Second picture left, shows Alistair (foreground, left) and Guy (right) with their wives.  Third left, yours truly with fellow No Exit author Leigh Russell.  Fourth left, signing a book for Heather Galwas from St Ives (Cambs) Library, which has welcomed me as a speaker a number of times.  Top right: this is how I know I interrupted signings to say a few words.


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  1. Hello,
    I must say your Charlie Walden is seriously contributing to the recovery of my sense of humour after 7 years through the UK legal system as an unrepresented claimant after detriment following whistle-blowing in the NHS. (Case is now in Strasbourg, pending acceptance)
    How often did I think ‘you could not make it up’ in response to one or other administrative court errors or NHS Barrister blatantly lying, Judge being unprepared … – and now I find well, some of it you have already ‘made up’.
    Unbelievably incredible. Thank you,
    PS after I posted my file to Strasbourg and before I found your book earlier this month, I kept ‘hearing’ in my mind what sounded like judges falling about laughing upon receipt. Given that I am not prone to any kind of hallucinations, I wonder now whether that’s a good omen, if such a thing exists in law? fyi only: http://www.gofundme.com/whistleblower_NHS
    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Barbara, Sorry for any delay in replying, I’ve been away for a break. I’m glad Charlie made you smile, and it sounds as though you needed a good smile. That’s why I wrote it, both to make people smile, and to draw attention to some of the things going wrong in the legal system, some of which you have obviously have experience of. I hope your vision of the judges laughing comes true. I know many of them have the book and some have send encouraging comments. The second volume, entitled ‘Judge Walden: Back in Session’ is scheduled for publication in May. Best wishes for your continuing fight, Peter Murphy

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